"Welcome on our website.

Our toys, games, wooden articles are made of 100% natural birch wood and are 100% made in Europe, precisely in Latvia, a country known for its incredible history, its wonderful musical choirs of 35000 people and its beautiful nature.

The products we use are environment friendly, respect your children and the design is made with a lot of warm to help your children grow... naturally.

Please take your time to visit our catalogue, enjoy our new products and do a little shopping if you like our products and our philosophy.

We are permanently designing new products and open to new ideas, if you believe like us that we can improve the world of our children, please go in Treasure hunt and deposit your ideas. They will be shared with all visitors of the website and maybe you will have the pleasure to have your idea going into production!

Thank you and have pleasure with Babibelo"

Michaël Cravatte

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